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If the MCP inside a C100 (or the 5000BH) is dead, what to do ?

( updated 2004-12-25 )

The integrated MCP "Master Control Processor" is the heart of your switch. Having the MCP running, be happy. If it does no more boot, you are lost. Its gone.

Ok, what to do first ?

Configure the Hyperterminal at COM1 or COM2 with 9600 baud and connect it with the MCP using the MCP adapter.


Switch on the power of the C50/C100 and there must be something on your screen, even if your MCP will no more work correctly, there should be a continously scrolling screen ore something else.


There is some output from the boot loader. And the LED´s make some blinking. At the end of a correct boot, all the green lamps of a 8 port 10 Mbit board should be on.


If there is nothing to see on the screen, check your MCP adapter cable.


On 95%, one pin is shortened or interrupted or it is erranously mixed. This cable works so simple, you must get it working.


At the end there is a line going to the C100 and a line comming from the C100 and ground. The fourth line is for hardware communication like "device ready". Thats it.


will be continued shortly

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