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The Centilllion 1400 power supplies

The Centilllion 1400 power supplies are very fine units for the smaller brother of the Centillion 1600. They are much smaller and not so heavy. But the technology seems to be the same. Have a look in it. We will guide you like a sight seeing tour. Have a short look here first.

This power supply is a very flat unit with a masssive alumnium cover and no fan in it. All active electronic components are mounted on really thick alumnium blocks and these huge heat sinks are tightened to the alu cover. You will see this later

Included inside the unit are LED´s for operation and faults on the rear side. One of the switches slots, the topmost one, containes a control board with another status set of lamps, showing which one may be faulty.

All connectors are on the rear including the main switch. There are wholes in the main chassis, so all components from one power supply are inside one single unit.

All components for redundant operation are inside the unit too and not on the backplane. The C1400 runs fine with one unit and both units are hot plug.

The C1400 and the C1600 have hot plug functionality for all modules, the CPU´s, the port cards and the power supplies.

You may exchange the complete unit step by step during operation.

We did check it with a small running configuration with 4 x OC3 lines, it shurely works.

You see the four massive heatsinks, which will distribute the heat to the cover.

The large capacitors bridge the blackout time, when in case of a power fault the relais from the UPS will switch to battery.

We did check this too, even on one of ours nearly full loaded APC Smart UPS1200 RMI.

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